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all about me
I'm Jen. I'm a 39 year old stay-at-home-mom to five. Yes, you heard right--five kids between five and fifteen. I was born and raised in Chicago but now live in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. I met my husband while working at Walmart after I quit college in April/May 1999, got engaged on June 5, 1999 and were married January 7, 2000. We never dated. We went from friends to engaged to married in a span of 8 1/2 months. We're kind of crazy. Literally... I'm crazy. I have bipolar which is just tons of fun.

what I like
I like a lot of creative things: writing, photography, graphic design, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking. I'm working on a young adult novel that I started during NaNoWriMo in 2015. I design book covers and make icons. I also play the violin. Or, more precisely, I pretend I play the violin--a skill I learned in high school and have since forgotten.

my writing
I started writing when I was a kid. My mom used to tell me that I was always making up stories and as soon as I could write I'd jot them down in my mixed-up, crooked kid writing. I, personally, remember writing my first story at around seven: The Little Ant. The manuscript and the illustrated book I made have both been lost over the years, but I remember the basic storyline (a selfish ant steals a pie and blames his friend). I really didn't do much writing (despite creative writing classes in college even) until 2005 when I discovered fanfic. Since then I've written hundreds of stories. I've also written four novels, although three of them have been hidden away in the metaphorical desk drawer until a later date. My most recent one is still being worked on. I credit NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for my novels.

my fandoms
There are so many shows that I like and I'm primarily a "shipper". Even before I knew what that was I picked couples from my favorite shows to fall in love with.
Fandoms I write/wrote for:

  • That 70s Show--Jackie/Hyde

  • Firefly--Mal/Inara

  • Angel--Angel/Cordy

  • Buffy--Buffy/Spike

  • Stargate SG-1--Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala

  • Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries--Clare/Russ, Hadly/Flynn

  • Stargate Atlantis--Elizabeth/Sheppard

  • The 100--Bellamy/Clarke

Other fandoms I enjoy:

  • The Walking Dead--Daryl/Carol

  • Castle--Castle/Beckett

  • Sleepy Hollow--Crane/Abby

  • Lucifer

  • Longmire

  • Psych

  • Doctor Who

  • Torchwood

  • Dark Matter

  • Helix

  • Eureka--Carter/Ally, Jo/Zane

  • Enterprise--Trip/T'pol

  • Falling Skies

  • Farscape

  • Leverage

  • Revolution--Miles/Rachel

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